NZ Story Workshops

About Karuwha workshops:

We are passionate about understanding the New Zealand Story and making it more understood within Aotearoa NZ society.

A wise person once said, ‘without a vision, the people perish’. It is equally true to say that without an understanding of its own past, a society cannot make good decisions about its present and future. To comprehend the past of a society is to understand what makes that society tick; and it is crucial to our collective life, today and tomorrow.

But it’s more than just a here and now matter. Our history is exciting, complex, riveting, traumatic and moving in places, and hugely inspirational in others. Our NZ Story workshops are firstly about recovering the story, with understanding it. They then consider what the implications are for today, for ourselves individually, our communities, and our national life.

Workshop events will be notified on this page, and also on our facebook page.

We are also available to speak at your conference, hui, seminar or retreat. Please see the bios pages of our trustees, all experienced facilitators and hui speakers.

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