The Rawene Chronicles

Interesting to review some times past. Here’s a couple of posts from a series of ‘chronicles’ which Sam and Hana Carpenter wrote from Hokianga back in 2008. An experience to treasure…

Karuwha Trust trustees Samuel and Hana Carpenter are this year (2008) hanging out in the Far North, at the beautiful little village of Rawene on the Hokianga harbour. The primary purpose of this Tai Tokerau retreat is to further their Maori language studies. This blog shares some of their experiences from this Northland adventure...

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Say It Again Sam!

Julie & Julia

Issue 1, 10 May 2010

Every once in a while a film inspires my humanity. I’m not talking about the super hero-thriller-Bourne Identity-Matt Damon-type inspiration. I’m talking about the genuine sense that the story unfolding before you is revealing something good and true about human experience. Call me soppy and chick-flicky, but I found Julie & Julia – featuring the superior acting talents of Meryl Streep and Amy Adams – to be that sort of film. Streep’s character plays the woman who brought French cooking to America – Julia Childs, while Adams’ character plays a woman who decides to cook her way through Child’s recipe book (500+ recipes) in 365 days – and write a blog about it every day.

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