The Rawene Chronicles

Interesting to review some times past. Here’s a couple of posts from a series of ‘chronicles’ which Sam and Hana Carpenter wrote from Hokianga back in 2008. An experience to treasure…

Karuwha Trust trustees Samuel and Hana Carpenter are this year (2008) hanging out in the Far North, at the beautiful little village of Rawene on the Hokianga harbour. The primary purpose of this Tai Tokerau retreat is to further their Maori language studies. This blog shares some of their experiences from this Northland adventure...

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Alistair’s Whakaaro

We've asked one of our trustee's, Alistair Reese, to blog about his every-day experiences as a man on a reconciling mission... insights from the heart ... justice on the journey... He honore ki te Atua, Maungarongo ki te Whenua, Whakaaro pai ki nga tangata katoa! (Glory to the Creator, Peace to the earth, Goodwill to all people!) Tihei wa mauriora!
Alistair’s Diary, no. 1

Why not start with my record of activity in June and July? This kind of gives the flavour of my life at the moment…


  • Planning Henry Williams commemoration of Henry William’s visit to Tauranga Moana with James Muir (Te Kohinga), Rev Manu Wihapi (Anglican Minister, Te Puke) and Huikakahu Kawa, (Ngati Ranganui kaumatua).
  • Meeting with Glyn Carpenter and Tauranga Ministry Leaders re The Bicentennial Statement.
  • Meeting with Heeni Potene of Waitaha Kohanga Reo – discuss language revitalisation in Te Puke.
  • Met with Rev Manu Wihapi (Tapuika) to record his biography.
  • St Paul’s Church at Rangiuru – meeting with kuia and kaumatua.
  • Hairini Marae – planning for Williams Commmoration – enlist help of Ngai Te Rangi and Ngai Tamarawaho.
  • Contact with Dr. Rangi Nicholson (kaiwhakahaere of Te Amorangi Theology Centre, Rotorua) – bring him into loop re Te Papa plans.
  • Contact with Steve Maina (CEO CMS) re involvement with Williams Commeration.
  • Te Ranga Battle Commemoration – lead Te Kohinga delegation on the day. Discussed with Tom Roa and Ngahina Dixon re National Day Commemoration of NZ Wars.
  • Research on Henry Williams visit to Tauranga Moana in 1830s.
  • Presented paper at Commemoration of Williams visit to Pilot Bay in 1826.
  • Mentor meeting with Dietrich Sokai (South Auckland Poet’s Collective) in Auckland.



  • Merivale Community Centre – reo meeting.
  • Awanui Black re meeting in Tauranga with Ruakere Hond and Maata Wharehoka of Parihaka.
  • Sound and Vision Conference, Edge Kingsland.
  • Research on Te Ua Haumene for Mosaic and Conference.
  • Meeting with Karen Bishop in Hamilton. Discussion on possible wananga later in year.
  • Meeting with Fraser Hardy in Hamilton – re preparation for Mission Conference in October.
  • Te Kohinga Meeting – Tauranga.
  • Conference Abstract: What does Pai Marire have to do with Pentecost?
  • Research activities: Zephaniah and God’s dealing with the Nations.
  • YWAM DTS, Impact World Tour: Prophetic Heritage of Aotearoa NZ
  • Bible Surge – 1 Week involved in writing a Bible Commentary with David Hamilton of Kona YWAM.