Alistair’s Diary, no. 4

diary, March to May 2015

Alistair's present research activities are both theological and historical. The former concern reconciliation, eschatology and the cultural mandate; the latter relate to the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and its involvement in the Te Papa block in Tauranga.


  • March 10, Tauranga: Meeting with YWAM to plan prospective Hawaiian visit.
  • March 11 Tauranga: Mentoring session with young Christian leader.*
  • March 18/19 Parihaka
  • March 21 – 30 Mammoth Lakes, CA USA Internship School. Five day seminar: Kingdom and Vocation; also leadership meetings, mentoring and 2 church services. Meetings in Bishop CA with YWAM leader and Paiute Native American leaders re church/indigenous relations.


  • April 8 – 15 Queenstown/Wanaka speaking at Lighthouse Church, meetings with leaders and mentoring.
  • April 21 Tauranga, Te Kohinga meeting with Otamataha Trust – representatives of Ngāti Tapu and Ngāi Tamarawaho. Commissioned by Trust and Te Kohinga to write report on the Church Missionary Society (CMS) Te Papa block, including options for possible redress for hapū loss of land.
  • April 22 Tauranga, Mentoring
  • April 28 Tauranga, Te Kohinga Meeting


  • May 5, Te Puke, Mentoring
  • May 8, Tauranga, Meeting to plan Waitangi Event for Tauranga Churches.
  • May 15/16 Auckland, Refresh Event – Wilberforce 21.
  • May 17 Parihaka – Parihaka Day AGM
  • May 18/19 Parihaka
  • May 23 Rotorua, Poukai with Kingi Tuheitia at Ngāti Pikiao Marae.
  • May 30 Paengaroa, Presentation of Seminar at Swift Current Farm: Reclaiming the Cosmos: towards a theology of humanity’s cultural mandate.

*Alistair is mentoring several young Christian leaders from a variety of backgrounds at their request.


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